Dent Boss helps both adjusters and dealerships save time by preparing the vehicles to be looked over. To ensure that every dent is seen and nothing is overlooked, we make it a habit to do the heavy lifting before the insurance adjusters even show up.

What this means:

  1. We will prepare a sample size of every make and model of vehicle on your lot
  2. We will work with your porters to clean the vehicles selected
  3. We will assess the damage inside and under fluorescent lights, allowing your dealership to be compensated appropriately and ensuring that no dent is overlooked 
  4. We will painstakingly circle every single dent on each vehicle pulled inside so as to get an accurate measure of the damage
  5. When the insurance adjuster arrives, the claim can be made much more efficiently and with greater accuracy

Is there a storm on the horizon?

Give us a call 866-DENT-BOS or 817-905-5889