frequently asked questions


Once the dent is repaired will it pop back in?

Absolutely not. Dents are fixed by applying a series of very small and precise pushes to the damaged metal. Once the dent is fixed, the integrity of the damaged area will be restored.


If I make an insurance claim due to hail damage will my premium increase?

Not at all! There are two types of insurance claims: collision and comprehensive. Claiming hail damage is a comprehensive claim, predetermined in your premium based on the area you live in. Your rates will not be raised if you make a comprehensive claim on your policy.


What are the advantages of PDR?

PDR will not only save you money, it will also restore your vehicle’s resale value to its pre-damage condition. It’s exponentially faster than conventional repairs, with most jobs being completed in one to two days. There is no body filler, sanding, or painting required, which saves time and money. We simply repair the damaged area and restore your vehicle to its pre-storm condition and value.