What are the advantages of PDR?

PDR will not only save you money, it will also restore your vehicle’s value to its pre-damage condition. It’s exponentially faster than conventional repairs, with most jobs being completed in one to three days. There is no body filler, sanding, or painting required, which saves time and money. We simply repair the damaged area and restore your vehicle to its pre-storm condition and value.

Will Hail Repair affect my vehicle value?

Another major advantage of PDR is that your vehicle is restored to it’s pre-storm condition without having paint work done to it. Since it is a repair that doesn’t alter your vehicle’s factory paint the process is not reported to car-fax.  

Once the dent is repaired will it pop back in?

Absolutely not. Dents are fixed by applying a series of very small and precise pushes to the hail damaged area. Once the dent is fixed, the integrity of the metal is completely restored to it’s original condition.

If I make an insurance claim due to hail damage will my premium increase?

Not at all! Since hail damage is an Act of Nature, it qualifies as a comprehensive claim. Your rates will not be raised based on this type of claim.

Does Dent Boss repair cracked paint due to hail damage?

Yes. There are instances when hail is so severe that it may crack paint. When this occurs we are able to restore and repaint the damaged area.

Can any vehicle be repaired?

Just about any vehicle can be repaired with a few minor exceptions. Rest assured that if it is fixable, Dent Boss will efficiently restore your vehicle and it’s value to pre-storm condition.

Did your car get hit with hail?

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